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Remote Sensing Projects

Land Surveying

Thermography Applications

Certification, Security

Airborne and Spaceborne Earth Observation Data Analysis

Surveying studies for properties’ determination, foreshore and seashore border definition, technical infrastructure cases, arranging arbitrary structures, building license issues, forest areas definition etc.

Modern methods are applied for recording thermal building footprints, infrastructure and natural phenomena for complete and accurate diagnosis

We are fully certified as we use the latest generation technologies and strict safety standards and quality of service.


About Us

Artemis - Aerosurvey is an engineering consulting company, a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, specialized on environmental research, support and monitoring of technical infrastructure using cutting edge technology. Artemis invests significant funds in highly innovative equipment for aerial mapping and remote sensing in order to monitor structures and phenomena. More..


Artemis is fully equipped with Land Surveyor tools as total stations, GPS and appropriate engineering software. Artemis comparative advantage is that it also has invested and owns an aircraft specially configured to support, survey, monitor and capture environmental and technical phenomena through a variety of sensors, such as photogrammetric cameras, color Infrared, Thermal and Multispectral camera. In ddition, the above applications are also assisted by a unmanned rotocopter.

Human Resources

Our company has highly qualified staff which guarantees integrated approach and information analysis through scientific processes. The ultimate aim of the personnel is to achieve a comprehensive study of phenomena and technical projects.


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  • Technological and Scientific Park of Attica "Leucippus"-NCSR DEMOKRITOS
    Patr. Gregoriou E' & 27, Neapoleos str.
    Postal Code 153 41, Agia Paraskevi, Attica, Greece
    +30 210 6029008
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  • Lakki, Leros, Dodecanese, P.C. 85400

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